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Your One Cold Email Away 

From A Ton Of New Customers

Here's What You Get

Training 1:

Where to register all of your domains at cost and what type of domains to register.


Training #2: 

The email client we use with the step-by-step process to setup multiple email address for your domain.

Training #3:

DNS Domain Setup to make sure all of domains are set up properly for DMARC, SPF & DKIM. The key to high deliverability.


Training #4:

The cold email software we use, how to connect your new email addresses & start warming up your emails properly to ensure successful domain reputation building.

Training #5:

Who we use to find an unlimited source of leads targeted by niche and location.


Training #6:

Who we use to validate all of our emails addresses to ensure all emails are good and deliverable. Validate a million email addresses for under $60

Training #7: 

How to check your email message for spam to ensure they make it to your prospects inbox.


Training #8:

The best software platform that we use to send our cold emails. How to set it all up and personalize your campaigns to get better results. 

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